Dec 31, 2010 :

latest updates : Uesugi Youzan in Works

Nov 20, 2010

" Murasaki shikibu" appears to Design Miami/ Basel 2010

" Murasaki shikibu" appears to Design Miami/ Basel 2010 画像

Apr 05, 2010



" hairstyle of mirror" exhibition was introduced to designws. Galler photograph, and a new "Showa" era series and sketch, etc.

Mar 18, 2010


designboom 画像

©Shirane Mie

hairstyle of mirror" exhibition was introduced to designboom. Series of Gallery photograph and the new "Showa" era etc.

Feb 21, 2010

Hairstyle of Mirror / Hisakazu Shimizu 2010

©Kazuhiro Kita

Feb 21, 2010

DEROLL Commissions Series 2 : Japanese history 2008

©Kazuhiro Kita

Dec 19, 2009

Hairstyle of Mirror Shimizu Hisakazu

Hairstyle of Mirror Shimizu Hisakazu  画像

©Kenji Aoki

@btf (Chuo-ku, Katsudoki) is pleased to present Hairstyle Mirror Shimizu Hisakazu, an exhibition of works by industrial/product designer Hisakazu Shimizu and design director Eizo Okada, from January 22 through February 28, 2010.


Shimizu's giant, seemingly deformed mirror in the shape of Ii Naosuke's hairstyle stole the show at the DEROLL Commission Series 2 "Japanese History" exhibition, directed by Okada, in the autumn of 2008. The two teamed up once again to create new works for the "hairstyle" series. The exhibition features 11 new works, including 3 pieces commissioned by the well-established Gallerie Downtown in Paris, which has handled the works of such renowned designers as Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, and Ron Arad. A commemorative exhibition catalog as well as a number of limited edition products will also be available for purchase. Additionally, Mssrs. Shimizu and Okada will be participating in a special talk show on Saturday, February 6, to discuss the new works. This exhibition will provide the first chance to experience the newest works of global designer Hisakazu Shimizu. 

Event details:

 Opening reception: Friday, January 22, 2010 (19:00-21:00)

Talk show: Saturday, February 6, 2010 (15:30-17:00)

Organizer: butterfly-stroke inc. (with cooperation from Gallerie Downtown, Paris)

Exhibition period: January 22 - February 28, 2010

Hours of operation: 11:00-19:00 (closed Mondays and National Holidays)

Admission: Free

Venue: @btf 

For more information, please contact butterfly-stroke inc. (Kani or Matsumoto)

E-mail : Tel : 03-5541-0061 Fax : 03-5541-0085

btf HP : or @btf HP :

Jun 04, 2009

" Ii Naosuke(L )" appears to Design Miami/ Basel 2009

" Ii Naosuke(L )" appears to Design Miami/ Basel 2009 画像

 " Ii Naosuke(L )"i appears to Design Miami/ Basel 2009!
It is exhibited at "design Miami / Basel" from June 8.
Please drop in at Galerie Downtow by all means.

Naosuke Ii sembra Disegnare Miami / Basel 2009 
!E esibito a "disegno Miami / Basel" da giugno 8.
Per favore cadi in a Galerie Downtow da tutti i mezzi.

!Naosuke Ii parece Disenar Miami / Basilea 2009!
Se exhibe al "plan Miami / Basilea" del 8 de junio.
Deja caer en a Galerie Downtow por todos los medios.

Naosuke Ii erscheint Design Miami / Basel 2009!
Ihm wird Miami / Basel" vom 8. Juni bei "Design gezeigt.
Bitte falle auf alle Falle in bei Galerie Downtow.

Naosuke Ii parait Concevoir Miami / Bale 2009!
Il est expose a "dessin Miami / Bale" du 8 juin.
Veuillez laisser tomber dans a Galerie Downtow par tous les moyens.

Naosuke Ii parece Projetar Miami / Basel 2009! 
E exibido a "designio Miami / Basel" de 8 de junho.
Por favor derrube em a Galerie Downtow por todos os meios.

Feb 09, 2009 :

latest updates : DEROLL Commissions Series 2: "Japanese history" in Works

Jan 25, 2009

Chonmage Piggy Bank

Chonmage Piggy Bank 画像