DEROLL Commissions Series 2: "Japanese history"

©Takumi Ota

Name : DEROLL Commissions Series 2: "Japanese history"
Year : 2008
Material : "Chonmage Piggy Bank " " Ii Naosuke(L )"
Description : How can a designer handle ' Japanese history' not as style but as real material? Can the Japanese history be applied for Japanese contemporary daily life? Hisakazu Shimizu, designer of Canon's IXUS Digital camera series, responeded to these questions and designed two big products. This is the second exhibition of DEROLL Commissions
directed by Eizo Okada, who ask talented Japanese artists, designers and architects to design one-off products.

DEROLL Commissions Series 2: Japanese History
by Hisakazu Shimizu / Sabo Studio
Curator: Eizo Okada
28 October 28 - November 3, 2008 
Space Intart, Tokyo

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